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From the early days of American aviation, Glynn County, Georgia has been an active participant in the development of both military and civilian applications of flight. Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, the municipal airport for Glynn County, is located on the former site of Naval Air Station Glynco, built in 1942 as a base of airship operations. The base was the only facility in the world that employed all known forms of flight at the time: airships, or blimps as they were more commonly known, propeller aircraft, jets and helicopters. Over the next 33 years, NAS Glynco served as a training base and Naval Air Station until its closure in 1975. After that time, the property was divided between the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the county airport.

When the passenger terminal was replaced in 2005, the Glynn County Airport Commission embarked on a research effort to commemorate the history and heritage of the Navy base and its civilian successors. A wealth of historic photographs and documents were preserved as a result. Please enjoy this glimpse back into aviation history, thanks to the generous contributors to the history project, and the community.

About our collections

The photographs and documents in this archive are the result of years of research and documentation of aviation history for the Glynn County Airport Commission. Each collection is identified by the names of the generous individuals and organizations that have shared their priceless images. The purpose of the collection is to preserve historic contributions to aviation made by members of the military and civilians in Glynn County, Georgia. Any sale of these images is prohibited. We ask that any publication of these images accompanied by the following citation: Courtesy of {original donor’s name}, Glynn County Airport Commission archives.

Brunswick Golden Isles Airport: 1941-1945

NAS Glynco: 1941-1945

Prior to the beginning of World War II, the only airfield on the mainland in Glynn County, Georgia was a grass landing strip named Sawtell Field. Almost immediately after the war started, the U.S. Navy selected Brunswick as the site of one of five Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) stations on the Eastern Seaboard. The primary responsibility of Navy airships, or blimps, was the protection of merchant marine ship convoys from marauding U-boats. Merchant marine vessels delivered urgently needed men and materiel to both domestic and overseas ports, aiding directly in the war effort.

Glynn and the surrounding Coastal Georgia counties stepped up to meet the challenge of a demanding schedule for building the very specific runway, mooring and hangar configurations required for airship flight and maintenance. Once a sleepy small seaport, Brunswick suddenly stepped into the spotlight with an urgent national defense aviation program. For more on the role of Brunswick and Glynn County, Georgia in defending our nation, please read Project Glynco.


1941 - Contributed by Bryan Thompson

Brunswick Mayor Bryan Thompson shared his first day cover commemorating the pre-War inaugural flight of the first scheduled carrier, Eastern Airlines, from Sawtell Field in Brunswick.

Building NAS Glynco

Contributed by Captain John Lindgren, USNR

. Building 1st arch sides
. Hoisting section by crane
. Connecting rt arch w cranes
. Cranes in action
. Top arch half connecting
. 1st arch finished
. Aerial of hangar under construction
. All parts underway
. Pylon arch scaffolds
. Door arch top poured scaffolds
. 3 4 finished hangar
. Roofers on scaffold
. Roofing layers

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NAS Glynco in WWII

Contributed by Barbara Fahey


Contributed by Brunswick Glynn County Public Library Gallery

Blimp over shipyards
Glynco Sailors and Waves Parade
Jones Yards
Liberty Ship Turret

Contributed by Sandy Jones

Air-surface rescue 1945 Jones

Contributed by Ruby Allman

1st newsletter masthead4-43
2nd newsltr-masthead6-43

Contributed by Paul Pribble

Convoy Escort 2
Greetings from Blimps
Ground crew truck
Hangar 1
K ship onmast, Pribble, 1943
K41 out of hangar
Recreation bldg and hangar 1

Contributed by Commander John Fahey

1945 - Officers Club Dance
1945 Downtown Brunswick aerial
Blimp control car
Blimp take-off from carrier
Faheys Circa 1989
Faheys in 1944 at Palm Lodge
GA 1945 schoolyard
John Fahey 1960
John Fahey with JFK
John and Barbara Fahey circa 2003
Rail Bridge Near Glynco
S.Altamaha River Bridge-Darien, GA
Samselbu Launch
Westore in shipyard outfitting basin 10-5-44
Air-surface rescue exercise in K-88

Contributed by Captain CH Dorchester

NAS Original Stakeholders

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Brunswick Golden Isles Airport: 1945-mid-1960s

Contributed by Captain John Lindgren, USNR

Low-angle aerial NAS Glynco
Aerial of completed base
Hangar 2 side view
January 1943 commissioning ceremony
Low-angle aerial approach
Low-angle aerial approach2
NAS Glynco gate
Restricted  footprint of NAS Glynco

Contributed by Seaboard Construction

Brunswick Airpark 1949

Contributed by Charles Tillery

Almost Home-blimp
Blimp approaching hangar
Blimp crash Gitmo
Blimp down at Gitmo
Blimp hangar w-shadow
Blimp shadow beach
Bomb practice- direct hit
Building Runway
CPO Ceremony
Carrier landing pad
Charles Tillery
Chasing Sub
Gator on Beach
Glynco Admin Building1952
Ground Handling Crew on Carrier Deck
Ground crew at work
Ground crew greeter
Ground crew in trailer
Hangar and Hortonsphere
Heres your sign,hot dog thief
Hot dog thief
Inspect outside 4-23-52
Inspection 4-23-52
Inspection DR Blues
Landing 2pk2
Lanier Bridge 1954
Roster board
SSI Beach
SSI Neighborhood
Ship House East Beach
Swing  bridge

Contributed by Bob Badzinski

AD Skyraider
Banshee, Blimp and Hangars
F2H Banshee
F3D Skynight
F6F-8 Cougar
TV-2 Shooting Star

Contributed by David Gill

Blimp on Carrier
Blimp through Sidney Lanier bridge
Climbing aboard command gondola

Contributed by Don Donatt

Don Donatt at Gitmo

Contributed by Evan Mathis

Aerial-no markings
Armed Forces Day Visitors in Hangar
Armed Forces Day picnic 5-13-53
Blimp Flight Log
Boxcars at hangar
Boxcars-aerial 3-31-53
City B-ball champs 3-53
Copes last inspection 7-10-52
Ft. Stewart Soldiers at AF Day Glynco
Inside Boxcar at airfield
Inspection 4-3-53
K ship in flight
K ships - hangar 3-25-53
K41 out of hangar
M class 3-53
M-class in flight
Nanship 11-13-52
Ordnance display
PBY Catalina
Photo eqpt display
Runways marked
Touch and Go 11-52
Unloading boxcars
XM-3 at hangar 3-53

Contributed by Glynn County Airport Commission Collection

Admiral loves BBQ
Admirals inspection 1954
Aerology Display
Blimp Motor-Bomb
Crash Drill
Free Baloon 3 Take off
Free baloon 2 Crew
Good Conduct Medal1953
Hangar Dwarfs Visitors
Hobby shop examples
Inflating Free Baloon 1
Jet Engine Display
Men in Pool
Planes stored in blimp hangar
Swim race
Visitors look at 3K
WWII SNJ in storage

Contributed by Glynn County Public Library Collection

Blackdog Xmas Card
Blackdogs Funeral
Bomb Letter
CIC Formation
Daredevils letter
Fly Birds Egg Letter
Katherines Dog
Lanier Field Letter
Lester Frier Letter
That thing  letter

Contributed by Larry Snow

Glynco Rocket Patch
Larry Snow at Glynco

Contributed by John T. Lowe

Admin Building with flags
Aerial of base 11-61
Ann Cooper Navy Ball5-20-61
Army General tour 4-64
Best Mess 6th Dist, 9-61
Blimp Visits Glynco 6-61
Blue Angels 4-61
Bowling alley ribbon cutting
Capt Lowe Bowling 12-60
Capt. Kubl NAAT Chief
Change of Command 3-23-62
Change of command airfield
Chinese General visits 1-61
Chuting Stars 4-61
Clyde Smith promotion 2-64
Commanders Office 1960s
Congwmn Iris Blitch10-26-61
Dress-blues Inspection
Enlisted Mens Bday 2-62
Glynco Scout Plaque
Goodyear Blimp Visit 10-61
Ham Radio award 7-61
Hilo Hatie9-61
Ice Storm 1-62
JT Lowe Open House 4-61
Mrs. Lowe judges art show
NAS Takes over maintenance. 9-61
NATTC Bldg 1964
NATTC Complex
Scouts Raise Funds 5-61

Contributed by Ruby Allman

Safety Manual cover
Waves Clothing cropped

Contributed by Robert Koryciak

1956 blimp crash detail
1956 blimp crash site
Appointment Cert.
Damaged motor 1956 blimp crash

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Brunswick Golden Isles Airport: Late 1960s-1975

Contributed by Captain John Lindgren

01. Bad pylon base
02. Bad roof old cars
03. Both hangars- shaggy roof
04. Pylon    rubble closeup
05. 1st one 1 3 gone
06. Arch collapse action shot
07. Arches of first hangar in wet pavement
08. Crashdown w lady in front
09. Demo from inside long shot
10. Exploding hangar
11. Half gone side view
12. Last section w rubble
13. Pylons up demo
14. Weedy arches alone

Contributed by Dan Davis

2003 Glynco GA tower 03
Barracks interior
OPS and Runway
OPS closeup
Tower in 1970s

Contributed by Commander Alfred Ufer

1 Gallon Blood Donors
Civilian Awards 1969
Kay C. Bauer re-enlists

Contributed by Lt. Commander Roy Norman

3D target generation stations
AN-ASA-27 digital  computer and switches circa 1967
AN SYA-4 with communications console
Electronic interference generator for training D wing NATTC
GCA classroom training positions
GCA training mobile classrooms
Ground Control Approach training eqpt
LT CDR Roy A. Norman
NTDS instructors console
Simulation suite of CIC on destroyer or carrier
Students in trailer GCA classroom
Training device 15F5 for RIO, Instructors console
Training device 15W15 target generating for CIC
UHF antennae for GCA equipment

Contributed by George Giessman


Contributed by Eileen Ligay

Valentine Ball 1
Valentine Ball 2

Contributed by Richard McInturff

Inside central tower

Contributed by Mark Kennedy

2 men working on jet
Barracks back
Marine planes on runway
Mark Kennedy in hangar w jet
Planes inside hangar
Pylon left after hangar demo
Skyhawk taking off
T-39 takeoff

Contributed by VT-86 Sabrehawks


Contributed by Captain C. H. Dorchester

Air Space
Civilian Air Service 1970
Maintenance underway
NAS Glynco Dental Office
Welcome Aboard letter

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Brunswick Golden Isles Airport: Late 1970s-2005

Searching for a New Tenant - Coastal Regional Commission

Arrogance and ignorance 4-24-73
Awaiting word on fate 4 16 73
Closing announced 4 16 73
Closure irreversible 7-28-73
Committee impressed 3-18-74
Confirmed 5-16-75
County lease 6-27-74
Decision Predicted 3-9-75
FLETC Dedication 9-13-75
Fed Team 3-27-74
Feds Coming 5-19-75
First mention of FLETC 1-31-75
GSA Delay 2-27-75
Impact Study Cover
Impact Study map
Navy Eqpt Removed 9-3-74
Prison site  4-8-74
Re-use committee 4-12-74
Site List 2-22-75
Team Visit for FLETC 3-22-75
Unified efforts 5-9-74

Glynn County Airport Commission - Navy ownership in 1970s

A4 SkyHawk
Aircraft Hangar
Base closed housing
Bridge Disaster
CIC School, circa 1970
Chapel in The Pines
Decom Invite
Delta Terminal
Gate 4 with plane
Jekyll Aquarama
Marine Plane
Mess Hall
New Waves Barracks
Officers Pool
T bldg
Transfer Invite

Glynn County Airport Commission - Civilian ownership after 1975

B. Allen, Hugo, Mac D, E. Tilman
Ben Slade signs property agreement
Blue Angels 1997
Blue Angels Stacked
Blue Angels Wedge
Blue Angles Diagonal
Congressmans Spring Visit
F. McBride, G. Davis, V Martin, J. Bishop
G Davis with Navy,  Federal visitors
Jimmy Carter Visit
NavyCounty License Signed
New terminal near completion 2005
Sheehan meets Slade
Terminal Upgrade 1990 front
Terminal Upgrade 1990 side
Terminal under construction 2004

Airport Terminal Dedication - Aug 8, 2005

All Contributors
Captain and Mrs. Dorchester
Commander and Mrs. Ufer
Dedication guests
Frank and Maureen McCabe
History display
Honor Guard
J Miller coveralls
J. Polito at T-39 Saberliner controls
Ken Hayes
Lt CDR Roy Norman
Polito, Ufer, Dorchester, Miller
Ribbon cutting
T-2C Buckeye 2
T-2C Buckeye and terminal
T-2C Buckeye
US Rep. Kingston
VT-86 crew

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